When I was first introduced to Cynthia, I was open to, but not a full believer in the power of Feng Shui.

After working with Cynthia, I can truly say that she has an amazing gift and is able to make a huge difference in the lives of her clients. Since implementing her strategies, I have moved to California and successfully grown my real estate business to a level I never could have dreamed of.

I certainly recommend Cynthia, as her work has helped me move forward in areas where I had been consistently stuck.

Charlie Romanek — Encino, California


When I was first introduced to Cynthia, I was open to, but not a full believer in the power of Feng Shui.

After working with Cynthia, I can truly say that she has an amazing gift and is able to make a huge difference in the lives of her clients. Since implementing her strategies, I have moved to California and successfully grown my real estate business to a level I never could have dreamed of.

I certainly recommend Cynthia, as her work has helped me move forward in areas where I had been consistently stuck.

Charlie Romanek — Encino, California

Cynthia Chan guided the Feng Shui for our home to help us with financial abundance, health issues, and relationship harmony. Cynthia uses an ancient system of Feng Shui based on how the five elements interact and affect our energy. After implementing the strategies, we noticed almost immediate improvements that amazed us. Something as simple as changing the colors of our daughter’s bedroom helped her to sleep better and not fight us to go to bed.

At the end of the yearly cycle, things seemed to be “off”; we had various challenges arise financially and relationally. When Cynthia calculated the Feng Shui for this New Year, she confirmed that some of these challenges were related to the current yearly cycle. She guided us to place new strategies to offset these challenges, and somehow, after doing so, things started to feel better and improve.

Feng Shui creates a subtle, energetic shift in how you feel, as well as boosting your potential for success in life. Even if you are skeptical about Feng Shui, I recommend just trying it out!

Rebecca Arnold, MA, CMT, Owner of Blue Lotus Healing Therapy — Paonia, Colorado

I have been a client of Cynthia’s for several years. When I first met her I had just gone through breast cancer treatment and experiencing debilitating fatigue. At the same time I had to care for my aging parents. When I implemented her strategies I got significantly better & I truly believe it eased the difficulties in the care & health of my parents & myself.

After experiencing other positive results from her like reducing controversy or disharmony, (it really works!) I now get annual audits for both my house and apartment. I consult her on health issues on an ongoing basis & I also consulted her when putting a pool in my back yard.
One anecdote is when I made a trip to the Caymans. I implemented her suggestions to ease the fatigue & help ensure a safe & comfortable trip.

The result was that it was absolutely magical – people I didn’t know (who didn’t know I was recovering) on the long trip w/several layovers, stepping out to help me on every leg – to the point where the last flight attendant gave me 4 small bottles of champagne – & this was a few years ago after they stopped giving anything away. Too bad I don’t drink!Cynthia is attentive to my needs and gives me awareness on how to use my actions to work with chi to support my priorities.

Nina Sasaki OTR/L, Occupational Therapist Farmington — New Mexica and Durango, Colorado

Life is full of twists and turns. Hard work and dogged determination alone, may not always get you the intended results. A little extra help can be there along the way, for those astute enough to grab the ring.Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese science developed thousands of years ago, is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for the people inhabiting it.As a regular participant of traditional Chinese exercises, Qui Gong, and someone who dwells somewhat into Eastern philosophy, I sense and am a total believer in Chi, or life energy.

Having known Cynthia for several years, I’ve applied her tips, and advice over and over again, achieving more than favorable results. Expect at least subtle differences in your well-being and journey through life. It is always good advice to heed Cynthia’s counsel as well. I’m always inspired by her overwhelming enthusiasm and firm commitment to the art of Feng Shui.My wife and I trust her totally. It is however, not a cure all. Applying Feng Shui principals is only part of a strategy which, in addition to other elements such hard work, self belief, calculated risk taking and especially dogged determination will certainly tip the scales in your favor. So go ahead, give Feng Shui a try, you have nothing to lose and certainly a happier, more fulfilled life to gain.

Joe and Leslie Sanchez — Owners of multiple business in Durango, Colorado

I met Ms. Cynthia Lee Chan and as our conversation regarding Feng Shui deepened I became curious at its complexities and potential power for my business and life. I decided to give it a try and hired her for her counseling.We were in the process of expanding our business for the need of more space but were in a position of only having average sales and interest in our products. Ms. Chan analyzed our business during and after construction and we instituted her measures. Shortly after the expansion our business exploded and we saw revenues never imagined. We had to put on extra people and work longer hours to meet the demand. It was unbelievable. She kept updating and evaluating our measures and we kept implementing them. Sales continued to soar and it has been a huge year. I am very satisfied. Her fees were offset in a short time by sales increase.

On a personal note, she mentioned she could influence relationships also. I had terrible luck with dating and even getting women interested in me. She implemented measures at my house and shortly thereafter, I had five different women either interested in dating me or asking me out. I have been seeing a wonderful lady now for 8 months and it has been an exceptional relationship.As I first started to consider Feng Shui, I looked on line and reviewed other programs by people claiming they knew Feng Shui. Do not believe these people and their measures. After seeing the “real thing” and experiencing it with Cynthia Lee Chan, Feng Shui is a very complex practice and there are many factors to be taken into consideration to come up with the appropriate measures. This has worked for me and my business.

Owner of Dunn Deal — Durango, Colorado

We have moved into our new home 6 years ago . Since then, my husband and I have been suffering from ill health and he has increasing work problems. My sister, who is an avid feng shui follower, recommended that I get a feng shui consult on my home. I decided to do so after a phone call to Cynthia who impressed me by her great enthusiasm and patient explanation about the basics of classical fengshui. Following an on site home visit, she confessed that my house is one of the most challenging situation she has encountered. She proceeded with strategic plans to improve the energy flow within the house. After a few months of installing the changes , our health problems are resolving and my husband is enjoying positive changes in his work environment. We have decided to proceed with yearly feng shui reviews from Cynthia.

I think I have changed from a sceptic to a believer in how fengshui can affect in a positive or negative way in many aspects of our lives. I credit this to Cynthia who is both knowledgeable and honest in her work. In my scenario, she did not hesitate to consult her fengshui teacher/master when faced with a difficult situation regarding furniture placements in my bedroom. I will recommend her highly to anyone who is in need of a feng shui consultation.

Poh Chang — Austin, Texas

When I first contacted Cynthia, I felt I was in the midst of a “feng shui emergency”. Everything was going wrong in and around my store building. Cynthia immediately fit me into her busy schedule and analyzed the building. She was very honest, and told me right off that this building would never bring me great financial rewards, but we could certainly diminish the negative, stressful things that were happening, and maximize whatever potential there was for prosperity.

She recommended appropriate placement for the cash register, computer, different types of merchandise, and various elements to strengthen or weaken chi as needed. She also guided me in selecting a new color for the interior of the store… one that would promote balance and serenity.

Within a very short time after I started to implement the recommended strategies, the store became a calm and joyful place. Customers commented on the pleasant atmosphere, and the business became a lovely social meeting place. As predicted, I did not make heaps of money, but did make a reasonable living for several years, and enjoyed my work in the store, rather than feeling constant stress and worry as I had in the past.Through the years I have had several yearly Feng Shui audits from her. I highly recommend Cynthia’s services!

Artist and former owner of Dragonfly Art and Toys — Monterey, California

I cannot over-emphasize the positive impact Cynthia has had on our lives. Without giving the personal details of our family’s transformation let me just say that the results have been miraculous. I never thought Feng Shui could have such a life-changing impact. I thought it might help in a small way, but I had no idea it would be the answer to our prayers.

Cynthia’s impact comes from her unique talents and her advanced methods. She is an incredibly passionate, loving and gifted person. During my first phone conversation with her, I immediately realized she was special. When she came to our home to give us her initial assessment I was blown away. She had us pegged! Just from looking at our Feng Shui, she could already tell the challenges we were facing. We immediately went to work implementing her strategies. We started seeing changes almost immediately and within months our family was transformed. Do not delay in calling Cynthia. What she has to offer is worth every penny and more. Cynthia thank you so much for all you have done for us.

You are angel in this world!

Katherine Romanek — Austin, Texas

Not all Feng Shui practitioners are equal… I have met those who say they know Feng Shui and have made suggestions. And then I met Cynthia! What is the difference? Cynthia uses some serious old school Feng Shui Mathematical Jedi magic combining your specific elemental energy, the specific area you are trying to address (home, work, etc) and makes a VERY specific plan just for YOU!

After using her services, my business exploded (in the good way!). Even better than that, she educated me on how the elemental energy of each member of my family interacts with the other. It was crazy accurate and inspired awareness and compassion for each other in our interactions.

Cynthia’s love of her work and her amazing personality make her a dream to work with.

I highly recommend her!

Erin Arnold — Austin, Texas

Hi Cynthia, I just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful gift of FS. It was extremely powerful for me and I can’t stop thinking about it. So helpful to have the understanding of the various powers and forces influencing our lives.
Thank you again.

I had no idea what FS truly was. It is much more than just moving a bed or adding a plant. It is LIFE ALTERING!

You did an amazing job presenting and explaining. You are extremely talented and gifted. You certainly influenced me.
Thank you so much and I look forward to learning more.

Melissa Youssef — Founder/Owner of Pyramid Billing Durango, Colorado

Cynthia has changed my life!

Nothing seemed to be working personally or financially for many years! I have lost or wasted so much time and money! No Longer!

The knowledge and advice she shared about CLASSICAL Feng Shui is way more complex than I first thought.

What I thought was Feng Shui, is no more than a Twinkie of advice. If you are lucky enough to have Cynthia help you, I know your life will change as well.

Peace, Love and Happiness!

Steven Roszell — Rollinsville, Colorado

We needed more room in our house so consulted Cynthia on whether it would be more beneficial for us to remodel or move to another home. She advised us that not only was the remodel not worth putting the money into but that if we did want to sell we needed to do it before the new year as our cycle of chi indicated that we had energy to sell now and not next year.

So we decided to sell asap (the new year was just a month away…!).. Meanwhile our agent laughed at our proposed date for putting it on the market as well as the price.

Cynthia advised us on the date to sign the real estate contract and changes to enhance the chi that promotes real estate activity through placement of furniture and elements, and we put the house on the market.

It sold on the day we signed the realty contract to the first people who entered the house and an amazing number of interested parties came to view it. It sold at full price during a normally very low season (Dec.)

Thanks again Cynthia

Claudia & Bruce Matheson — Forres, Scotland