In gratefulness of all the rewarding opportunities Cynthia Lee Chan experiences in successfully helping her clients, she now offers a course for those who want to start an in-depth understanding of Authentic Classical Feng Shui. Her desire is to teach students so they may use the treasures of Classical Feng Shui to improve their lives and the lives of those they touch.

Spanning the centuries, Feng Shui masters and their few handpicked “in-house” students tightly guarded ancient Classical Feng Shui concepts and formulas. Its secrets poetically disguised in Chinese verses called the Classics. Many used their creative imagination to interpret and make sense of the true art of Feng Shui, others paid astronomical prices to obtain secret interpretations, but very few scientifically tested the Classics. This created a Feng Shui realm of misunderstandings and myths that do not represent the true essence or effectiveness of Feng Shui.

Through extensive, worldwide research, experimentation and documentation, Grandmaster Angel de Para has examined and verified his interpretation of the Classics and the many teachings from Masters he studied under. Through his work and private practice he further discovered and continues to systematically prove a multitude of his own formulas and theories, advancing Feng Shui into 21st century applications. His teachings eliminate the many misinterpretations and ineffective formulas that are confusing and frustrating those who want to truly learn and practice authentic Feng Shui.

Most who teach Classical Feng Shui in the modern world offer theoretically based interpretations of the Classics. Grandmaster Angel de Para commissioned an interpreter to directly translate the Classics for him to make sure his theoretical foundation was strong and pure. This alone sets him apart from other teachers, but what makes his teachings particularly exceptional, is his broad experience as a successful practitioner. His rise to success came through rigorous investigations and applications of the Classics to make sure his interpretations were accurate and effective. This makes a significant difference when it comes to using Feng Shui strategies in real life. It gives students the ability to have a powerful impact through Feng Shui.

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My courses are Grand Master de Para’s teachings. They get to the heart of basic concepts that are essential for further growth into the world of Classical Feng Shui. The fundamentals in this course are designed to provide a solid foundation that prepare students for deeper understandings and practical application.

Basic Level 1 is an intensive 6 hour workshop that is a pre-requisite to Basic Level 2. This class alone will teach you more about authentic, Classical Feng Shui than any of the numerous books available on Feng Shui and is only the beginning of what Cynthia Lee Chan has to offer.



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