Thank you for submitting your questionnaire! Congratulations for taking this most important step. 
You are now invited to experience the Classical Feng Shui journey to enhance, shift and improve your life in areas most important to you.

The Classical Feng Shui process offers professional analysis, insights and strategies for your home and/or business to optimally align your environment to benefit from improvements such as:

  • Overcome obstacles in your business or career
  • Harmonize relationships, both personal and business
  • Attract or improve romance
  • Experience relief from agitation, depression or turmoil
  • Improve health issues
  • Promote real estate transactions (buying or selling)
  • Align a remodeling project to avoid harmful energy (chi/qi)
  • Create or modify landscape to attract favorable energy (chi/qi)
  • Build a new home/business with environmental conditions to support priorities.
  • Raise the quality of your life and much more…

Steps for your first-time Classical Feng Shui audit: (please follow to get started on your life enriching process)

Step 1

  • If possible, please submit an accurate to-scale floor plan(s). See step 1B for details.
  • An Agreement Letter with terms and fees, will be emailed to you within 5 – 7 business days. Fees in the Agreement Letter are based on information received in the Questionnaire and floor plan(s) if submitted with Questionnaire.
  • Fees in Agreement Letter may be adjusted if floor plan(s) are submitted at a later time.
  • Please include site plan if available. Site and floor plans can be sent via my website on Get Started page at emailed to [email protected]
  • If you do not have a floor plan you can create one. Go to Click on “HOW TO SUBMIT FLOOR PLAN” for floor plan details. This page also contains contact information for independent floor plan designers for a fee separate from our agreement.
  • Read and sign Agreement then submit by email to [email protected]
  • Your file will be set-up and I may contact you for clarifications or further information. Pricing adjustments, if needed, may be discussed and agreed to at this time.

Step 2

  • You will receive an email with time options for your in-home/business consultation. Choose a time that works best for you or give me alternate time options and I will do my best to accommodate your preferences.
  • The site visit consultation includes an overview of your environmental chi, attributes of your personal chi cycles, and discussion to fully understand how to best serve you through the Feng Shui process.
  • The completed Classical Feng Shui audit will be emailed with strategies on your floorplan.
  • After reviewing your audit, please email me at [email protected] to schedule a phone consultation to discuss your questions.

Step 3

  • Additional phone and/or in-home/business consultations to review implemented strategies, answer questions and provide further support are available at $140 per hour plus travel time.
  • Set up your Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly Audits if you have not done so.
  • Save on packages and pre-payment options available to you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me should you have questions.
It’s my honor to serve you through the many benefits of Classical Feng Shui.

Kind Regards,