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ways personal feng shui can help you
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how to harness beneficial energy

Classical Feng Shui is about aligning the vibrational energy, known as Chi, in your exterior and interior environments to support the priorities important to you.

Creating an environment that is harmoniously attuned to you leads to improved health and family situations. In addition, you will profit from Chi’s power to bring increased financial opportunities and wealth.

Chi is a cyclical, vital force of nature that is influenced by the 5 elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Strategically placed, these elements raise the vibrational chi that attracts favorable circumstances and/or reduces the chi frequency that draws in undesirable circumstances. Overall, Classical Feng Shui promotes expanded awareness, happiness, a stronger sense of self, and increased success.

As a Feng Shui practitioner, my job is to find what causes the dysfunction between you and your environment. Through increased awareness, I will guide you in adjusting your environment, thoughts and actions to help you manifest your core desires.

ways personal feng shui can benefit you
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feng shui benefits for you and your family

  • increase awareness of environmental energy so choices, timing and actions produce desired results

  • calm your mental and emotional stress

  • reduce energies that block or limit your potential

  • shift environmental Qi to support positive life transformations

  • promote mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing

  • improve the quality of your sleep

  • have more harmony and cooperation with your loved ones

  • gain insight and strategies to cultivate a new path or project in life

  • have more clarity and insight for significant decisions

  • learn to cherish who you are

  • experience more closeness in your relationships

  • experience increased joy and fulfillment

  • feel more balanced and centered

  • bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be

  • get relief from agitation, depression or turmoil

  • raise the overall quality of your life and help you understand when hardships are on the way

  • improve current health issues and get motivated to improve health

  • eliminate procrastination, stagnancy and lack of motivation

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business and personal feng shui testimonials

After experiencing other positive results from her like reducing controversy or disharmony, (it really works!) I now get annual audits for both my house and apartment. I consult her on health issues on an ongoing basis & I also consulted her when putting a pool in my back yard.
One anecdote is when I made a trip to the Caymans. I implemented her suggestions to ease the fatigue & help ensure a safe & comfortable trip.

Cheryl Lee Durham – Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Our home feels like it hugs us — there’s a gentle, soothing, peaceful feeling of being grounded that definitely wasn’t there before. I had no idea any of this was possible. At our house, we refer to Cynthia as a ‘doctor’ because she prescribed simple things we could do that opened up an enormous flow of harmony in our lives.”

Anna Marley – Austin, TX

cynthia’s classical feng shui process

There is more involved but this is a simple look at the process. Authentic classical feng shui uses tested and proven mathematical formulas involving physical location, compass readings, landforms, building layouts, and time cycles to identify and impact qi (energy) to effectively support priorities and reduce unfavorable and unpredictable conditions. This is why we need your questionnaire and floorplan. Knowing your key issues or areas of needed improvement, cynthia uses your floor plan to customize a plan to modify your layout by adding elements including wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements, along with additional strategies and gained awareness on how the energy is affecting you, will improve how you manifest your life. A few examples of elements are plants, candles, rocks, metal weights, fountains, etc. Some of these elements can be hidden so they are not obtrusive to your interior design. 

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