Agents can use Feng Shui for both buyers and sellers!

Selling: Utilizing effective timing and strategies raises your potential to sell your home, business or property by increasing visibility and favorable conditions to attract prospective buyers.

Buying: Choose a home, business or property that supports who you are and what you want to accomplish through knowledge only Classical Feng Shui can offer. Perhaps buyers are having a hard time buying a home or getting an accepted offer! Feng-shui has proven to help in these situations.

Investment properties: Get Feng Shui consulting to indicate which prospective properties are profitable investments.

Or, if an existing property is not providing the return on investment you desire, this can help identify how the chi is limiting success and offer solutions to rise above limitations.

Claudia & Bruce Matheson- Forres, Scotland

“ …. our house was THE amazing story going round the agent’s offices.

It sold on the day we signed the realty contract to the first people who entered the house. An amazing number of interested parties came to view it
It sold at full price. It sold at a normally very low season (Dec.) It all went smoothly​

…this is no coincidence and we were very happy with Cynthia’s Feng Shui help and advice throughout the process…

We built our new home in 2004. Cynthia was very influential and helpful in determining the placement, position, facing and floor plan of our home.

Since we moved in our lives have been very prosperous. Our happiness is apparent to all. Our lives have been vey harmonious and fruitful. When people visit they feel so welcome and warm in our home and conversations are always alive and robust. People seem to not want to leave.
I now have her site every home I build and she continues to help us in our monthly Feng Shui and is always willing to listen and advise. If we do experience a difficult time or decision during the month she always has valuable insights and solutions. We have seen and experienced wonderful blessings and prosperity from Cynthia’s expertise and knowledge in Feng Shui. We appreciate having her in our lives.

Tim and Lee Ternes — Homebuilder/Real estate agent, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Flora Vista, NM

After following Cynthia’s advice and recommendations when we built our new home in 2004, we decided to retire and move to Saint George, Utah in 2012. We were so very prosperous and happy in our home as Cynthia continued our monthly audits.

We thought moving and selling our home would be such a huge undertaking. Our oil and gas economy had gone very bad and our price range of homes was not selling at all. The subdivision we lived in had many homes for sale, with many being on the market for over a year or never sold at all. Cynthia and Feng Shui to our rescue!!!!

We were ready to market our home immediately, as we had already made an offer on a home in Saint George. Cynthia, who had been working with us for over 10 years now, gave us the exact date to list the home and sign the documents. We also implemented her strategies and within two weeks, we had a CASH buyer, we got the price we wanted and everything throughout the sale and move went so very precise and easy, we were in our Saint George home in five weeks from the contract!!!!

Cynthia continues to bless us with her expert Feng Shui readings and we are so very fortunate to have her in our lives!!! We Thank You!!!!

Tim and Lee Ternes — Homebuilder/Real estate agent, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Flora Vista, NM

I am the first to admit I was a total and complete feng shui skeptic but was willing to try anything to ease the pain of arthritis and extreme fatigue from my medications. With Cynthia’s help, and by following her monthly instructions for my home, I received almost immediate relief and am able to work full days again.

I have reduced my medications to almost zero, and still feel great! In addition, the strategies she put in place for my real estate business have resulted in the best year I’ve ever had with highly increased activity and several unexpected sales. If you are experiencing life challenges, or would just like to increase your chance of success, I highly recommend you contact Cynthia as soon as possible.

Jeff Brown, ‎Real Estate Broker for ReMax, Durango, CO