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ways business feng shui can help you
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In the fiercely competitive marketplace of today’s global economy, even the smallest company faces risks in doing business. Minimizing risk, for companies large to small, is my area of expertise. Utilizing a strategic planning system I help business owners anticipate and control risk. Using industry-specific and time-sensitive calculations, I provide you with deeper insights into the factors that drive your businesses to identify and reduce both potential risks and adverse challenges, along with naming actionable, profit-focused opportunities.

ways business feng shui can benefit you
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feng shui benefits for your business

ways to grow and overcome hardships

  • assess risks and create strategies via cyclical analysis

  • boost marketing effectiveness

  • reduce legal interference or angry interactions

  • establish the optimum time to start a business, expand, invest, advertise, buy, sell, etc.

  • assign jobs and projects based on elemental compatibility

  • improve employee relations and efficiency

  • increase productivity and profit

  • mitigate qi that promotes undesirable circumstances

  • use cyclical insights for effective crisis management

  • create a better flow of energy

  • reduce environmental blockages to stimulate expansion

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business and personal feng shui testimonials

“I met Cynthia and as our conversation regarding Feng Shui deepened, I became curious at its complexities and potential power. I decided to give it a try. Our business exploded and we saw revenues never imagined. It was unbelievable. She kept updating and evaluating our measures and we kept implementing them. Sales continued to soar and it has been a huge year. Her fees were offset in a short time by sales increase.”

John Dunn – Owner of Dunn Deal, Durango, CO

“I didn’t know anything about Feng Shui. Even though the economy was at its lowest, multiple job opportunities came in after following her advice. With Cynthia’s strategies, I created my own successful business. You’ll wish to be one of her lifelong clients! 
This is your wisest investment!

Bobi Applegate – Owner of An Orderly Home and Office, Durango, Colorado

cynthia’s classical feng shui process

There is more involved but this is a simple look at the process. Authentic classical feng shui uses tested and proven mathematical formulas involving physical location, compass readings, landforms, building layouts, and time cycles to identify and impact qi (energy) to effectively support priorities and reduce unfavorable and unpredictable conditions. This is why we need your questionnaire and floorplan. Knowing your key issues or areas of needed improvement, cynthia uses your floor plan to customize a plan to modify your layout by adding elements including wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements, along with additional strategies and gained awareness on how the energy is affecting you, will improve how you manifest your life. A few examples of elements are plants, candles, rocks, metal weights, fountains, etc. Some of these elements can be hidden so they are not obtrusive to your interior design. 

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