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Feng Shui For Your Life

The places you live and work play a significant role in shaping your destiny. Your quality of life will be dramatically improved by applying Classical Feng Shui. It works to influence and direct ch’i to support your specific priorities and needs. Ch’i is essentially flowing energy throughout our environment. I use key techniques of Classical Feng Shui to enhance favorable ch’i as well as calm down unfavorable ch’i in order to get the utmost benefit for you. These solutions can easily be applied in your home and workplace. They will help you achieve goals, be more efficient and effective, overcome or avoid difficult situations, restore balance, and live a more fulfilling life.

How to Harness Beneficial Energy

Classical Feng Shui is about aligning the vibrational energy, known as ch’i, in your exterior and interior environments to support the priorities important to you. Creating an environment that is harmoniously attuned to you leads to improved health and family situations. In addition, you will profit from ch’i’s power to bring increased financial opportunities and wealth.

Ch’i is a cyclical, vital force of nature that is influenced by the 5 elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Strategically placed, these elements raise the vibrational ch’i to attract favorable circumstances and/or reduce the ch’i frequency that draws in undesirable circumstances. Overall, Classical Feng Shui promotes expanded awareness, happiness, a stronger sense of self, and increased success.

As a Classical Feng Shui practitioner, my job is to find what causes the dysfunction between you and your environment. Through increased awareness, I will guide you in adjusting your environment, thoughts and actions to help you manifest your core desires.

Strengthen Relationships

  • Improve harmony between family members
  • Understand your loved ones on a deeper level
  • Increase social interactions
  • Promote romance
  • Reduce agitation, tension and anger

Improve Health

  • Use awareness to proactively avoid health issues
  • Get relief from depression
  • Ease stress
  • Mitigate ch’i that promotes pain
  • Improve current health conditions

Direction in Life

  • Use cyclical insights for heightened awareness to formulate your direction
  • Align your ch’i to expand your potential
  • Understand your cycles of ch’i to make sound decisions
  • Create a better flow of energy
  • Reduce environmental blockages to stimulate progress

Reviews and Testimonials

“I am the first to admit I was a total and complete feng shui skeptic but was willing to try anything to ease the pain of arthritis and extreme fatigue from my medications. With Cynthia’s help and by following her monthly instructions for my home, I received almost immediate relief and am able to work full days again.”

Jeff Brown – Real Estate Broker ReMax, Durango, CO

“The results after only about 1 month are already noticeable. My business had the busiest week and it’s highest income week of the year. And, being that my situation is extremely challenging, these improvements are nothing short of AMAZING! Thank you, Cynthia!”

Dr. Steven Hamvay – Owner of Motion Chiropractic, Austin, Texas

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To Be Happy, Healthy, and Successful

The schools of Feng Shui I practice involve science-based math, physics and time cycles to determine how, where and when the ch’i (energy) in your environment is promoting each individual’s current life circumstances. Once that is established, I provide strategies and specific recommendations to affect the situations you want to change and position you to get the inspired results you want regarding mental, physical and emotional health, romance and relationships, career and more.