Classical Feng Shui can benefit you and your family in many ways:

  • Increase awareness of environmental energy so choices, timing and actions produce desired results
  • Balance qi to calm mental and emotional stress
  • Reduce energies that block or limit your potential
  • Shift environmental chi to support positive life transformations
  • Promote healing
  • Discover options to improve sleep
  • Understand how elemental properties affect relationships and discover ways to use this awareness for higher levels of harmony and cooperation
  • Gain insight and strategies to cultivate a new path or project in life.
  • Become aware of the influential cycles of qi to provide insights and clarity for significant decisions
Melissa Youssef, Founder/Owner of Pyramid Billing
​City Councilor, Durango, Colorado

Hi Cynthia, I just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful gift of FS. It was extremely powerful for me and I can’t stop thinking about it. So helpful to have the understanding of the various powers and forces influencing our lives.
Thank you again. I had no idea what FS truly was. It is much more than just moving a bed or adding a plant. It is LIFE ALTERING!
 You did an amazing job presenting and explaining. You are extremely talented and gifted. You certainly influenced me.
Thank you so much and I look forward to learning more.