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Feng Shui For Business

In the fiercely competitive marketplace of today’s global economy, even the smallest company faces risks in doing business. Minimizing risk, for companies large to small, is my area of expertise. Utilizing a strategic planning system I help business owners anticipate and control risk. Using industry-specific and time-sensitive calculations, I provide you with deeper insights into the factors that drive your businesses, and will identify and reduce both potential risks and adverse challenges, along with naming actionable, profit-focused opportunities.

Business Benefits

Feng Shui in your workplace helps propel you toward your goals and gives insights for direction in market analysis, advertising strategies, employee compatibility, optimal timing for projects/deals, and more. It also helps you in areas where you need balance and attention, such as employee issues, blockages, stagnancy, losses and more. Beyond your motivation and positive thinking, your working environment, with the help of Classical Feng Shui, has the ability to transform your energy to put you on our feet, realizing your goals and flowing with your cycles of ch’i.


Boost Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Assign jobs and projects based on elemental compatibility

  • Boost marketing effectiveness

  • Improve employee relations and efficiency

  • Increase productivity and profit


Reduce Blockages and Establish Optimal Timelines

  • Reduce legal interference
  • Smooth out angry interactions
  • Mitigate ch’i that promotes undesirable circumstances
  • Establish the optimum cycle to start a business, expand, invest, advertise, buy, sell, etc.
  • Utilize predictable time cycles to your advantage in strategic planning

Analyze and Strategize Projects

  • Assess risks via cyclical analysis
  • Create a better flow of energy
  • Reduce environmental blockages to stimulate expansion
  • Use cyclical insights for effective crisis management

Reviews and Testimonials

“Since implementing her strategies, I have moved to California and successfully grown my real estate business to a level I never could have dreamed of. I certainly recommend Cynthia, as her work has helped me move forward in areas where I had been consistently stuck.”

Charlie Romanek — Encino, California


“Your feng shui resulted in either a remarkable coincidence or this stuff really works!  My business has grown 400% year over year.  At one point in November, I unplugged the fountains hoping to slow down!”

Nancy Burton — Vail, Colorado

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To Be Happy, Healthy, and Successful

The schools of Feng Shui I practice involve science-based math, physics and time cycles to determine how, where and when the ch’i (energy) in your environment is promoting each individual’s current life circumstances. Once that is established, I provide strategies and specific recommendations to affect the situations you want to change and position you to get the inspired results you want regarding mental, physical and emotional health, romance and relationships, career and more.