Chi Cycle Readings

To most efficiently use your time, energy and resources, Classical Feng Shui provides clarity on why you are experiencing your present circumstances with suggestions on how you can use this awareness to improve your life. It can also give you insights on future cycles and the potential outcomes that will affect your relationships, career, health and overall well being.

I offer insights on how to use this awareness to be proactive, thereby reducing or even avoiding future chaos or unfavorable consequences resulting from difficult chi in an upcoming cycle. Cycle readings are excellent for strategic planning in all areas of life.

*Cyclical readings do not include strategies to align your environmental chi to promote your priorities or reduce your difficulties. A full environmental assessment further helps you to maximize your potential and move through difficulties with effective results and more ease and grace.

If you are interested in strategic planning for long term goals, whether it be quarterly, bi-annual or for the current year or years to come, an analysis can be created to meet your specific needs.

Cycle and date selection

  • Cycle Readings: $190 per person for up to a 1-hour discussion.

Date Selecting

Date Selecting is an excellent tool for making important decisions and knowing when to take action or schedule an event that will support the outcome you desire and avoid catastrophe.

Examples of ideal situations for date selection include: weddings, important business decisions, remodeling, purchasing a car, listing a home for sale, launching a product or business, having surgery, signing a legal contract, travel, etc.

Prerequisite: A Current Annual Assessment is the foundation used to determine the best date for your situation.

Cycle and date selection

  • Date selection: $100 per event.


To Be Happy, Healthy, and Successful

The schools of Feng Shui I practice involve science-based math, physics and time cycles to determine how, where and when the chi (energy) in your environment is promoting each individual’s current life circumstances.

Once that is established, I provide strategies and specific recommendations to affect the situations you want to change and position you to get the inspired results you want regarding mental, physical and emotional health, romance and relationships, career and more.