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    The spiritual essence of the hummingbird is that of accomplishing what seems impossible. Their tiny wings can miraculously take them as far as 2000 miles, indicating the ability to reach goals regardless of their size, obstacles or distance. Persistent in its pursuit of the sweet nectar of life, the hummingbird’s high vibrational energy trusts in miracles, shifts directions swiftly to stay in the flow, and vibrates the frequency of love, joy and healing.

    May your Classical Feng Shui experience bless you with the hummingbird essence to attain your goals and increase your enjoyment in life’s journey.

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    Christina Mascaro Avatar

    Cynthia is amazing and her Feng Shui works. As your relationship with her develops, the insight and the strategy get better and better because you start to open up about what your real issues are.

    Christina Mascaro
    Business/Career + Personal Life

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