It is a vital force of nature that affects all living beings.

The rotation of the earth’s molten iron core creates an electromagnetic field that varies depending on geographic location and magnetic direction. Based on these orientations, this field affects and is affected by all inert and living matter. It fluctuates cyclically and has vibrational frequencies with distinct elemental, physical, emotional, and mental properties that affect how we manifest our lives.


As a science, Classical Feng Shui examines the dynamic properties and cycles of the earth’s energy field.

Ancient Feng Shui analyzes the interaction of the earth’s energy field with the energy field within our bodies, and the effects this interaction creates in our lives.

With science as its foundation, the art of Classical Feng Shui creates strategies to transform energy. Many factors based on the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) are used to activate, enhance, reduce and mitigate specific energetic interactions.

This universal, vibrational energy is known as Qi.


And is used in daily life.

Classical Feng Shui works to influence and direct qi to support specific priorities.

The Chinese translation of Feng Shui is Wind and Water. According to the Classics (see History page) “Qi flows like the wind and halts at the boundary of water.” Qi flows everywhere and exists within everything.

Qi is an unseen, vital force of nature that affects all living beings. It cyclically takes on both malevolent and benevolent properties, the yin and the yang. These polarities are experienced and reflected in the unfavorable and favorable circumstances of our lives.

Water is a powerful force in activating and influencing qi. Classical Feng Shui often uses water formulas to enhance wealth or attract romance.

Classical Feng Shui gives you insights into your cycles of qi; when your potential is highest for certain priorities or vulnerable to difficulties. This gives you the ability to tackle challenges proactively or avoid them thru foresight.

Cynthia Lee Chan offers professional insights and strategies to optimally align your environment, improving circumstances such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Overcome obstacles in your business or career

  • Open channels for new opportunities

  • Access powerful tools to make significant life changes
  • Eliminate stagnancy and stimulate progress

  • Harmonize relationships, both personal and business

  • Attract or improve romance
  • Experience relief from agitation, depression or turmoil
  • Improve Health Issues

  • Promote real estate transactions (buying or selling)
  • Align a remodeling project to avoid complications

  • Create or modify landscape to attract favorable energy
  • Build a new home or business with optimum environmental conditions and beneficial qi

  • Raise the quality of your life and much, much more….