• Classical Feng Shui Agreement

    This Agreement Letter is made between Cynthia Lee Chan, a Classical Feng Shui professional (Practitioner), and the Client.  Both parties agree to the following:

    Classical Feng Shui is a professional relationship between Practitioner and Client.  Practitioner offers insights and strategies based on 19 years of Feng Shui education and experience. The Classical Feng Shui process optimally aligns your environmental energy and provides awareness to open up opportunities for transformational shifts in areas important to you. 

    Practitioner and Client agree the Classical Feng Shui relationship will be specific to accurate information provided by the Client from: 
    • completed online questionnaire at cynthialeechan.com
    • requested information
    • detailed to-scale floor and site plans of the business, home, land and/or other building structures.

    Practitioner reserves the right to adjust investment fees if changes arise requiring additional work from conditions such as, but not limited to: inaccurate information/plans, flipped floor plans, number of occupants needing strategies, or type of service requested. 
    Based on your floor plan, fees may vary due to the degree of complexity.

    Client agrees to the fees as stated here unless otherwise agreed upon.

    By entering into this agreement, the Practitioner and Client acknowledge that the Client wants to make energetic shifts and improvements in their life personally and/or professionally. Client wishes to have a greater awareness of how chi in their environment is affecting them and how to use this knowledge for their benefit.   A Classical Feng Shui audit is unique to each individual. Progress and change happen at varying rates due to significant influences in how we manifest our lives. The following are extremely important concepts in gaining the most from your Classical Feng Shui audit.  Client acknowledges and understands the following:

    Awareness of 3 major influences in our lives:
    • Heaven’s influence: attributes we come into life with: our DNA, innate traits, parents, societal and environmental conditions, etc.
    • Human’s influence: our choices: beliefs, attitude, values, morals, decisions, actions, creations, our effect on the lives of others, and our impact on earth. Plus, our perceived connection to the creator of Heaven’s influence, to our Self, Higher Power, Universal Spirit, and All That Is.
    • Earth’s influence: the energy (chi/qi) in our environment and it’s cyclical impact in our lives. Classical Feng Shui gives us the ability to influence chi through aligning our environment, thoughts and actions.
    • Synchronizing all three influences to align our priorities with our environment promotes the highest potential for turning desires into reality.
    • Divine Harmony grows within us when we flow with the yin and yang cycles of chi while aligning and evolving our Heaven, Man and Earth influences.
    • Negative thoughts and actions attract negative consequences and can reduce or negate the effectiveness of Feng Shui strategies.
    • Positive thoughts and actions attract favorable situations enhancing the effectiveness of Feng Shui strategies.
    • Classical Feng Shui shows us that experiences and issues in our lives are not random. Through life’s benevolent and malevolent cycles, when we choose to find valuable significance within every challenge while using Classical Feng Shui strategies, we expand our power to transform unfavorable circumstances into beneficial outcomes.
    • Classical Feng Shui reveals how beautifully interconnected our lives are with our environment and each other. Knowledge of these connections empowers us to open up our potential so we may live our lives to the fullest.
    • Classical Feng Shui quantitatively verifies that by helping others it benefits us personally, plus it creates a ripple effect that ultimately makes the world a better place to live in.

    Each Classical Feng Shui audit is highly personalized and based on cyclical influences making strategies specific to the time frame agreed upon between Practitioner and Client. By adhering to an agreed-upon time frame, the strategies will enable the Client to minimize what is undesirable in their lives and maximize what they want to attract. There are no guarantees expressed or implied as to actual results the client will experience due to the above influential factors.

    The Consulting relationship is built on trust. Practitioner agrees to keep all information and conversations with the Client private and confidential. History, strategies, and discussions specific to a Client will not be shared with anyone except with permission or request from the Client. 

    Client agrees to contract Practitioner services as indicated in this Agreement and as specified in the Investment Rate Sheet below. A Classical Feng Shui audit commences when Client provides Practitioner with a questionnaire, accurate floor/site plan(s), this signed Agreement, and payment (unless otherwise agreed upon).
    Submitting an inaccurate floor plan, including horizontally or vertically flipped, that requires a redo will incur an additional charge.  

    Once Practitioner begins the pre-work on the questionnaire and floor plan, clients may not cancel but may postpone and reschedule for a period of up to 4 months unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.  This Agreement may be modified only in writing by email or in person and signed by both parties. 

    Client shall indemnify and hold Practitioner harmless from any loss, liability from inadvertent or misinformation, act of God/Nature, or other situations arising from services and results under this Agreement.

    This Agreement is non-transferable and non-exclusive. This Agreement is the entire Agreement between Client and Practitioner.

    Consultation services are payable in advance. Client agrees to remit investment fees prior to services rendered. Payment may be made by: 
    • Cash
    • Check made out to Cynthia Lee Chan and mailed to 2525 Arapahoe Rd. Suite E4 #909
    • Other options are available here: https://cynthialeechan.com/payments/

  • By signing below the client agrees to this Agreement in full, its conditions, terms and investment charges.