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For 19 years, I dedicated myself to learning the depths of Classical Feng Shui. It is my passion. It continues to reveal profound levels of universal concepts that affect and connect all living beings, regardless of beliefs, culture, race or species. Authentic Classical Feng Shui is not a religion or spirituality, intention, intuition, a feeling or a superstition. It’s not interior design, decorating or involve flutes, 3 legged frogs or other feng shui trinkets. Nor is it a cure-all pill, or one-time, cookie-cutter solution that fits all (including money and love corners).

The schools of Feng Shui I practice involve science-based math, physics and time cycles to determine how, where and when the qi (energy) in your environment is promoting each individual’s current life circumstances. Once that is established, I provide strategies and specific recommendations to affect the situations you want to change and position you to get the inspired results you want. Through studying, researching, observing, experimenting and working with individuals, businesses, and case studies, I quantitatively explore the connectivity and influential power of qi in our environment and it’s a fascinating relationship with the qi flowing through our bodies. This connection influences our thoughts, actions, and our very existence. Classical Feng Shui has enabled me to transform environmental qi to help with the struggles people experience. The strategies and insights I have to share increase effectiveness and maximize the potential to create your desired reality.

my feng shui specializations
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my specializations in classical feng shui

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San He Feng Shui School
San He means triple harmony in Chinese. The San He Feng Shui School can be traced back to Tang (618-907). This is the analysis of landforms and its influence on our lives

Pa Chai (Eight Mansions)
The Pa Chai or Eight Mansions system of traditional feng shui is one of the most respected and utilized in Asia today. However, it is not so well known in the West and there are few who know how to use it properly. The basis of the system has to do with locational and directional influences. These are specific effects that are said to be related to particular directions and their associated locations within a building and bring either distinct benefits or problems when activated.

Xuan Kong & Xuan Kong Da Gua
This is the study of time cycles with the direction and location of qi. Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui works by using time, space and objects to create an astrological chart to analyze benevolent and malevolent auras of a building. These include analyzing wealth, mental and emotional states, career aspects, relationships, and the health of the inhabitant. Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦) is a method of Feng Shui that makes use of the 64 Hexagrams (六十四卦) of the I Ching. I Ching (pronounced Yi-ching) is an ancient Chinese book of divination.

Eight Dragon Gate Formation: Early Heaven/Later Heaven
The Eight Dragon Gate Formation’s main theory refers to utilizing water formulas to identify and create locations with superb feng shui qualities. This has been translated from the ancient classic of the San Yuan Long Men Ba Ju Shui Fa.

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business and personal feng shui testimonials

“I have been a client of Cynthia’s for 11 years. Feng Shui strategies helped me with a variety of things like water problems, legal issues, and employee issues, as well as helped with increasing sales, designing my home and business and giving me the awareness on how chi is affecting me during particular cycles so I could use my actions to overcome them.”

Shanna Bird – Owner of Ashley Furniture, Freight Direct Furniture, and Elegant Images – Farmington, New Mexico

“I had no idea what FS truly was. It is much more than just moving a bed or adding a plant. It is LIFE ALTERING! 
You did an amazing job presenting and explaining. You are extremely talented and gifted. You certainly influenced me. 
Thank you so much and I look forward to learning more.”

Melissa Youssef – Founder/Owner of Pyramid Billing, Durango, Colorado

cynthia’s classical feng shui process

There is more involved but this is a simple look at the process. Authentic classical feng shui uses tested and proven mathematical formulas involving physical location, compass readings, landforms, building layouts, and time cycles to identify and impact qi (energy) to effectively support priorities and reduce unfavorable and unpredictable conditions. This is why we need your questionnaire and floorplan. Knowing your key issues or areas of needed improvement, cynthia uses your floor plan to customize a plan to modify your layout by adding elements including wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements, along with additional strategies and gained awareness on how the energy is affecting you, will improve how you manifest your life. A few examples of elements are plants, candles, rocks, metal weights, fountains, etc. Some of these elements can be hidden so they are not obtrusive to your interior design. 

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