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what is classical feng shui?
how can feng shui improve my life?

improve your quality of life

Is there something in your life you wish to improve? There are corresponding environmental adjustments that shift the energy in your environment to bring about positive change in specific areas where you need help. Health, romance, relationships, career, financial issues — you name it — all of life’s circumstances fall under the feng shui umbrella of possibilities for increased awareness and improvement. There is no limit to what you can improve with Classical Feng Shui! It can help you:

  • overcome obstacles in your business or career

  • create new opportunities in your personal and professional life

  • eliminate procrastination, stagnancy and lack of motivation
  • harmonize relationships with your significant other, kids, relatives, friends, employees, clients, co-workers and/or boss

  • attract romance and improve your romantic relationship

  • understand your romantic or business partner better
  • enrich your relationships through better understanding and compassion

  • help you to understand and navigate through hardships with more ease and grace

  • get relief from agitation, depression or turmoil
  • improve current health issues and increase your motivation to improve health

  • promote business and real estate transactions (buying and selling)
  • align a remodeling project to avoid future complications

  • create or modify a landscape to attract favorable energy
  • build a new home or business with optimal conditions and beneficial qi (energy)

  • raise the overall quality of your life

  • learn about your cycles of life for more efficient and effective strategic planning

feng shui for my personal life
feng shui for my career and business

meet cynthia lee chan

classical feng shui practitioner in boulder, co

“With my 19+ years of experience in Classical Feng Shui, I am grateful for the ability to assess the quality and cycles of Chi (energy) within your life, home and workplace. Through discussing your needs and desires in all areas of life, I am passionate and honored to use the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained to help you overcome your difficulties and manifest your dreams.”

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business and personal feng shui testimonials

“I am the first to admit I was a total and complete feng shui skeptic but was willing to try anything to ease the pain of arthritis and extreme fatigue from my medications. With Cynthia’s help and by following her monthly instructions for my home, I received almost immediate relief and am able to work full days again.”

Jeff Brown – Real Estate Broker ReMax, Durango, CO

“The results after only about 1 month are already noticeable. My business had the busiest week and it’s highest income week of the year. And, being that my situation is extremely challenging, these improvements are nothing short of AMAZING! Thank you, Cynthia!”

Dr. Steven Hamvay – Owner of Motion Chiropractic, Austin, Texas

cynthia’s classical feng shui process

There is more involved but this is a simple look at the process. Authentic classical feng shui uses tested and proven mathematical formulas involving physical location, compass readings, landforms, building layouts, and time cycles to identify and impact qi (energy) to effectively support priorities and reduce unfavorable and unpredictable conditions. This is why we need your questionnaire and floorplan. Knowing your key issues or areas of needed improvement, cynthia uses your floor plan to customize a plan to modify your layout by adding elements including wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements, along with additional strategies and gained awareness on how the energy is affecting you, will improve how you manifest your life. A few examples of elements are plants, candles, rocks, metal weights, fountains, etc. Some of these elements can be hidden so they are not obtrusive to your interior design. 

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