Agents can use feng-shui for both buyers and sellers!

Selling: Utilizing effective timing and strategies raises your potential to sell your home, business or property by increasing visibility and favorable conditions to attract prospective buyers.

Buying: Choose a home, business or property that supports who you are and what you want to accomplish through knowledge only Classical Feng Shui can offer. Perhaps buyers are having a hard time buying a home or getting an accepted offer! Feng-shui has proven to help in these situations.

Investment properties: Get Feng Shui consulting to indicate which prospective properties are profitable investments.

Or, if an existing property is not providing the return on investment you desire, this can help identify how the chi is limiting success and offer solutions to rise above limitations.

Thank you so much for the amazing benefit of having Feng Shu in my life. It is phenomenal how accurate your analysis of upcoming life events is.

Not only are you right on about health issues, but you also enable me to prepare for interactions with work, friends, family and my environment. When I implemented your plan for bringing romance into my life, I was delighted by the attention I received from men and the date offers I had.

The calm I experience from having manipulated the elements around me as prescribed is so rewarding. When there has been conflict in my life, it diminished when I practiced your suggestions. The benefits of Feng Shu appear endless.

With appreciation, Cheryl Lee Durham, Albuquerque, New Mexico



Auditing the cyclical chi in your environment and its impact in your life with strategies to address your needs specific to a month and/or annual time period.



Today’s technical advancements facilitate remote consultations, without the need to meet on-site.  Cynthia uses high-tech tools specifically designed for Classical Feng Shui to offer strategies and insights tailored to support your priorities.