Each person, property, business and situation is unique. To best serve you, please fill out the following questionnaire.

This information is the foundation for a detailed conversation and customization of your Classical Feng Shui consultation. Fees are based on the size of your business or home, how many people are involved, services requested and needs of the occupants.

 I look forward to visiting with you!

All first time consultations require an accurate floor plan.
If you don’t already have one either you or Cynthia’s assistant (extra fee) can draw one.

How to Submit a Floorplan
For example: Christina, Female, 12/25/1982, Website Designer
Real Estate Broker, Bakery, Restaurant, etc.
Moved In, Remodel, Windows, Doors, Skylight, Painting, Flooring, etc.
I am a real estate agent looking to become my own brokerage, I am a restaurant owner who wants guidance on expanding or remodeling, I am experiencing disharmony in my family, I have health issues, I have blockages in my career, I feel depressed, etc.
For example, my husband and I fight and want resolution. I am looking to increase my business clientele. I am thinking about expanding my business and want to know if it's a beneficial cycle to do so, etc. The more detailed and clear you are, the better the results.